torsdag 8. juli 2010

mandag 17. august 2009

New blog


I have started a new blog called; Muscle and IF, where I am writing about my 1 year project to gain as much lean mass as possible, using nothing but lots of food, heavy weights, plenty recovery and intermittent fasting.

Please check it out; , and subscribe if you find it interessting.

I will keep this blog for more combat-/extreme- stuff.

B cool!

tirsdag 19. mai 2009

Home made dip-belt

I got the idea to make my self a dip-belt from a fellow blogger, Schwinners (, so I made one and filmed the proccess:

I wanted to test out dips with the weight hanging from my neck for a more pec-dominant dip.

My new dip-belt works great for dips and chinups but I personally did not like to have 40+ kg from my neck. When I am going to use this exercise I will do it with less weight and more volume.

Here is a video of me using my belt in a strength session:

Now you do not have any excuses not to do weighted dips or chins, just make your own belt!

torsdag 16. april 2009

Final session this season?

The snow is melting and soon I have to wax my board and put it away. I HATE it! I want to put in reps, become more secure on basic tricks, get air, land perfect and ride away clean.. I want to hike a mountain and be the first to carve lines in the slush.

It feels great to have this passion for snowboarding! It brings back feelings and thoughts from when I was a kid. I remember having this passion in every sport I did. I lived in the moment and was focused. Swim practice, soccer, taekwondo, etc., I had this passion that drove me to run faster, kick higher and do one more lap and the only thing that mattered was that moment in time..

This time I will not let the flame go out. I will keep it burning in a safe place where I can feel it so that I am constantly reminded to enjoy every moment, enjoy the now, enjoy living, having a wonderful wife, the laughter of my 4 year old son and the kicks of my other son that we will get to see in about two months.

Movement, focus, learning, teaching, training and planning is just my way of living, expressing my self, growing, trying to be better, trying to evolve.

Carpe Diem!

lørdag 4. april 2009

Strength tests from the 25.March and my new plan

So my massbuilding project was destroyed by my amazing abilities to slam on my snowboard..

I have almost healed up 100% so I am changing gear and am now chasing max-strength and anaerobic endurance.

Did some strength tests a while back to get an idea of where my baseline was:

mandag 16. mars 2009

Roadgap 2

Me and my friend Eric had us a roadgap session on Saturday:

It was a blast! Next time we will have more time. Also, I am still healing from a shoulder injury I got 3 weeks ago (snowboarding..:) so I did not dare to attempt any tricks.

lørdag 28. februar 2009

Another snowboard session!

Had another snowboard session today. The weather was great, not a cloud in the sky, sun and lots of snow.

Got picked up by a friend and headed to the slope. We took one trip down the slope before hitting the backcountry, jumping the old jump and making a new one.

For some reason I could not seem to land a single trick today. Days like this can be quite frustrating considering how great the conditions were.

Anyway, on our way over I let my mate know that I wanted to build a road gap on our way back home.

There is this sweet spot on the way to the slope that is ideal for a road gap. I have thought about realising my vision of a jump there but never taken the step to actually do it. Well, today we did!

A friend videotaped the jumps and another friend edited it. So far he only uploaded my final jump so there will be a longer version.. Here it is: