tirsdag 19. mai 2009

Home made dip-belt

I got the idea to make my self a dip-belt from a fellow blogger, Schwinners (http://warriortrainingcouk.blogspot.com/), so I made one and filmed the proccess:

I wanted to test out dips with the weight hanging from my neck for a more pec-dominant dip.

My new dip-belt works great for dips and chinups but I personally did not like to have 40+ kg from my neck. When I am going to use this exercise I will do it with less weight and more volume.

Here is a video of me using my belt in a strength session:

Now you do not have any excuses not to do weighted dips or chins, just make your own belt!

3 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

Oh you love your duck tape ;))

Good job.

Anonym sa...

Wow. you're super strong. Those dips around your neck look little painful ;)

How do you keep so lean all year round? Lots of cardio?


Bjørn Granum sa...

Indeed I love my duck tape..:)

I stay lean all year round by working out and not over eating.

Also, the past two years I have been more or less doing IF (intermittent fasting). This year I am doing IF and bodybuilding to see how much lean mass I can gain in one year.