fredag 31. oktober 2008

Thursday and Friday workout today

Felt tired yesterday and got invited to a buddy to watch a movie so I figured I would do my Thursday routine today in the morning and my strength session in the evening.

Both workouts went smooth and kicked my behind! Even managed to get a good time on my Thursday workout! Felt great!

I am going to a halloween party now so I leave you (if there are any reading this blog..If anyone reads this and knows where one can check the stats of ones blog, like how many times each post has been read etc.. Please, answer back! I suck at this stuff..:) ) with the video of both my workouts today:

onsdag 29. oktober 2008

Wednesday workout

Felt a bit tired today. I have been going to bed too late the last couple of days so I am not recovering as fast as I could have.

Today a friend called me up and wanted to train with me.. He had seen some of my youtube videos and wanted to try some of the stuff I do so I invited him over to do todays workout.

Both he and I got the workout done and he really liked using a sandbag.

Yeah...that is about it for today... Time to get some shut eye..

Final reps of todays workout:

tirsdag 28. oktober 2008

Tuesday: MMA and my burpee pullup-workout

Had about 45min of MMA today before I did my Tuesday workout consisting of: 50 rope turns, 5 burpee pullups x 10 rounds for time.

Usually I do not eat breakfast but since I am trying to pack on some muscle I had some fruit with my morning coffe today.. 1 mango, 1 banana, 1 apple and 1 pear.

Ofcourse my MMA-coach had a challenge for me today (he is also a crossfit coach) so I ended up doing 10 ring dips with a supination at the lock out. He also showed me assisted hand stand push ups so I did 10 of those as well..:) Today might have been overkill but hey..I had fun! Till tomorrow!

mandag 27. oktober 2008

To build muscle with light weigth

Today my "experiment" officially started. Above you can see my "before"-pictures.
I have made a program for my self based on three articles of a Norwegian coach named Borge Fagerli.
To give you the short version: I am trying to build muscle and add strength with weights that are less then 60% of my 1RM weights, something previously thought impossible by many.

The first 4-5 weeks will be a "priming"-period where the focus is more on muscular endurance, upping the density of capillaries, expanding the muscles capacity to store glycogen etc.

I should mention that this is a program for advanced athletes. Beginners will most likely have more success with a standard 5x5-template, focusing on compound exercises and eating like crazy (for adding muscle that is..).

That is enough program-talk for now. I weighed my self, measured my right bicep, my chest, waistline and right thigh. I also took fat-caliper measurements to the right of my navel, my right love-handle, right thigh, left tricep and left scapula.

My weight is 73.3kg (with the camera..72.5kg without..) and I have about 8% body fat.

Here are the measurements and the first Monday-workout

søndag 26. oktober 2008


First time blogger here! I am Norwegian so my English spelling might be off from time to time.

Some of you might have seen my youtube videos. I have two youtube accounts: babbis13 and bjorngranum. The first one has over 100 videos of me training and the last one is the one I am currently using for new uploads.

I created this blogg to have a place to put all my videos, to rant about my views on training, nutrition and self protection, all in a further attemt to inspire people to use their body (and mind) more.

As my path unfolds I will preform various experiments with training methods, training programs, training tools etc. to become a better human being.

My first experiment starts on Monday. The objective of this experiment will be to build muscle mass, add strength, maintain endurance and avoid gaining fat. I have chosen exercises and exercise tools that can be preformed/used at home or at a gym with little equipment.

I will explain the program (it is based on three articles written by Borge Fagerli, a Norwegian personal trainer with a lot of knowledge) on Monday. Here are some videos giving you a picture of where I am now physically: