søndag 26. oktober 2008


First time blogger here! I am Norwegian so my English spelling might be off from time to time.

Some of you might have seen my youtube videos. I have two youtube accounts: babbis13 and bjorngranum. The first one has over 100 videos of me training and the last one is the one I am currently using for new uploads.

I created this blogg to have a place to put all my videos, to rant about my views on training, nutrition and self protection, all in a further attemt to inspire people to use their body (and mind) more.

As my path unfolds I will preform various experiments with training methods, training programs, training tools etc. to become a better human being.

My first experiment starts on Monday. The objective of this experiment will be to build muscle mass, add strength, maintain endurance and avoid gaining fat. I have chosen exercises and exercise tools that can be preformed/used at home or at a gym with little equipment.

I will explain the program (it is based on three articles written by Borge Fagerli, a Norwegian personal trainer with a lot of knowledge) on Monday. Here are some videos giving you a picture of where I am now physically:

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Jørgen Bøckman sa...

Hei Bjørn!
Blir spennende å følge bloggen din - har lest mye i loggen din også uten å kommentere.
Blir veldig inspirert av hva du gjør :) Vurderer litt om jeg skal lage egen sandsekk også kanskje. Ligger litt mer i min gate enn treningstudio så og si (må bare få plass på min lille ettromshybel :D . De småsekkene du har inni den store sekken, hvor mye veier de? Og hvor mye vekt kan du fylle sekken med egentlig?

Bjørn Granum sa...

Hei, jørgen bøckman!

Så hyggelig at du skrev en kommentar!

Glad jeg kan bidra med inspirasjon!:)

En sandsekk tar ikke mye plass..bare å plassere den i et hjørne. Innersekkene veier nok mellom 4 og 8kg tipper jeg..Skal veie de når jeg får nye batterier til baderomsvekta vår.

Har ikke fådd veid sandsekken men vil tippe i overkant av 40kg, kanskje 50kg.

Justin_PS sa...

Hi Bjorn!

Nice start to your blog. I like that variation of the burbee. I've never seen that done before.

I've got a blog going too and I've had some experience with adding muscle mass. Check it out if you get a chance... wwww.thebodyweightfiles.blogspot.com

See you around Rosstraining!

Best wishes,

Bjørn Granum sa...

Thank you for the comment Justin!

You should check out my 100 burpee pullups video on youtube. You will find it on my old youtube account: babbis13.

I got the idea of burpee pullups from a crossfit guy. He has a youtube video where he does 100 burpee pullups (the crossfitters call that challenge "GI Jane") in just over 10min..:) My goal was simply to finish the entire routine..:)

I checked out your blogg. Good stuff! Sorry to hear about your accidents!

Justin_PS sa...

Hello again!

I'll have to look that up. You're big on burpees, etc for training, huh?

I'm having an unlucky month or two and the hits just keep on coming. The other day I bruised my right thumb with a shovel. Yesterday night, I was digging and I hit myself with a shovel handle right where my throat and jaw meet, which caused me to bite the hell out of my tounge on both sides.

It was for a good cause though. I have the post holes for my monkey bars ready for cement! I'll probably have a blog coming soon about it!


Jørgen Bøckman sa...

Ok... I've been thinking about buying an X-west 84 pound model for bodyweight excersises. So I was looking for a easy way to deadlift. 40-50 kgs ain't much (with the addition of a 40 kg vest it is good for front-squats though...):/ Although more challenging I guess, with the changing weight.
Perhaps I should continue my gym-membership then ;).