torsdag 22. januar 2009

Still going strong!

I have been following my plan, upping the weights almost every training session actually.


Bench 70kg, 12+4+4+3+2+2 (heavy)

Pullups 7.5kg, 10+4+3+3 (heavy)

Standing shoulder press 18kg dumbells, 12+4+3+3 (easy)

Chest supported dumbell rows 18kg dumbells, 12+4+3+3 (easy)

Maybe I should have done the same weights that I did on Tuesday since the bench and the pullups were quite heavy today. I will know by the weekend.

I have not been able to sleep much this week, (because of work and bad time management), so I am not recovering as much as I should. More sleep, more food and better planning will be my fix!

Yeah, just a short little update. Will get a video up by next week sometime.

lørdag 17. januar 2009

Saw the sun today!

Today was the first time in a long while that I saw the sun!

It took a little peek over the mountain tops and filled me with energy! Made my day!

Rest day today but a friend of mine sent me a video of a way to swim freestyle. It is called "Total Immersion" and I was sold right away. When I swim freestyle I am spent after about 50m.

Could not wait to test it out so after reading a bit about it I headed to the pool. Granted that I only got to "lesson 2" in the book I actually felt much less fatigued after several laps! I see (from my own video) that I need much more practice but I am happy with my first experiment!

If you are a swimmer, have experience with this style, give me some pointers and tips!

If I get my way (and I usually do..:) I will get to practice a bit more tomorrow! Will get my girlfriend to film me from the side. Have a sunny weekend!

fredag 16. januar 2009

Session 4

Lower body today.

Narrow grip bench press - 60kg, 10+4+3+3 (medium)

Squat - 95kg, 5+5+5 (heavy-)

Biceps curls - 14kg dumbells, 10+4+3+3 (medium+)

Core - window wipers (not sure what they are called..:D) 10+10+10, plank and side-plank back to back, 1min regular, 30sec right side and left side for two rounds.

Felt great to finally do back squats again! Noticed that I got a litte butt tuck in the bottom position but this gets much better as I get to practice my squat.

I am not a fan of biceps curls. The reason is probably that I never train them. Since I am using pullups instead of chinups this round I will probably keep them in the program.

Comments are always welcomed! Have a nice weekend!

torsdag 15. januar 2009

Session 3

Yesterday I planned the day poorly so I had to skip my plans for doing a conditioning routine. Instead I had to work in the evening; teaching my students snowboarding. I do this ever Wednesday evening in the winter. Yeah, I know, my job rocks! :)

Session number 3 is the same as session number 1 so today I upped the weights a little:

Shoulder press - 16kg dumbells 10+4+4+2 (easy)

Pullups - 4.5kg dumbell 10+3+3+2+2 (medium-easy)

Bench press - 65kg 12+4+4+4+3 (medium-easy)

Dumbell rowing - 17kg 12+4+4+2 (easy)

I could have used more weight for both the shoulder press and the dumbell rowing. Will fix that on Monday.

I have not done biceps curls for ages so I am actually still sore from my session with the 13kg dumbells!

Tomorrow is session 4, leg day number two. Can`t wait to squat again! Been ages since I did back squats.

See you tomorrow!

tirsdag 13. januar 2009

Day 2: Lower body

First; Couple of pictures so I have something to compare with after this period. Will also do fat-caliper measurements and tape-measure my chest, shoulders, waistline and thigh.

Today my students got to practice swimming crawl so I got two sprints in; 50 meter crawl and 50 meter breast. Man, swimming is hard! I will probably use the pool for many of my Wednesday sessions (my cardio day).

The workout plan I have now is a upper-/lower body split based on the same principals as my last program (one activation set followed by 10-15reps spread out over 4+ sets with short rest periods between sets. Got the idea from Borge Fagerli over at , great guy, great site, excellent articles! They are in Norwegian but I am sure he will translate them eventually.).

Yesterday was a upperbody day, today my lower body got to work. There are also some extra exercises for my arms on the lower body days.

Session 2:

mandag 12. januar 2009

Back at it!

I only got to week 4 of my old program before I got a bacterial infection in my left knee, putting me out of training for a good month. Once my knee healed I got a cold. Go figure..

Now I am back at it with a new workout plan based on the same principals as the old one. This time I will do a split routine (upper-/lower body) 4 days per week. I started today: