fredag 16. januar 2009

Session 4

Lower body today.

Narrow grip bench press - 60kg, 10+4+3+3 (medium)

Squat - 95kg, 5+5+5 (heavy-)

Biceps curls - 14kg dumbells, 10+4+3+3 (medium+)

Core - window wipers (not sure what they are called..:D) 10+10+10, plank and side-plank back to back, 1min regular, 30sec right side and left side for two rounds.

Felt great to finally do back squats again! Noticed that I got a litte butt tuck in the bottom position but this gets much better as I get to practice my squat.

I am not a fan of biceps curls. The reason is probably that I never train them. Since I am using pullups instead of chinups this round I will probably keep them in the program.

Comments are always welcomed! Have a nice weekend!

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