torsdag 4. desember 2008

100 burpees for the freggin dark!

Almost skipped my workout today. Almost.

Then I decided to switch my normal Thursday workout out with the 100 burpee challenge.

Got on my bike, headed to the gym, got warmed up, started the camera, started the time, banged out 14 burpees, 13 burpees and darkness...

Fun way to find out that the lights automatically switch off at 21.30..:) Well, I was not about to stop and change location so I finished my 100 burpees in the dark.

My time was 8min 18sec and my average heart rate was 168BPM (90% of my max heart rate). Not a great time but I was really wasted after.

I tried a declining ladder of burpees; 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 5, and I am not sure it helped.

I have only done this challenge 3 times. My first time I did a pyramid, from 1 up to 10 and down again in 8min 10sec, my second time I did 30-20-10-10-10-10-10 outside in the winter, time was almost 10min and I nearly damaged my lungs.

This workout will give you a great challenge no matter who you are... Just remember to jump high, hit the chest to the floor and go fast!

onsdag 3. desember 2008

Gave up on the commercial sandbag..

The commercial sandbag I bought was super solid and had a very good design but I discovered one problem.. The innerbags will give of dust, making it less then ideal for inside use.

My home made sandbag also had a little leakage but I fixed that today with some ducktape:

Todays workout:

Sandbag clean and and press - 33kg, 20-4-3-3reps

Weighted push ups - 9.4kg, 20-4-3-3reps

1legged deadlift - 10kg, 20-4-3-3reps

1arm standing row - 23kg, 20-4-3-3reps

I have upped the weights and gone down on the reps for the activation set. The weights I am using now feels right and I should see some decent gains in the upcoming weeks.

One thing I have been slacking off with is my eating habits. I eat too little and have to up my protein inntake. If there are anyone reading this that sell protein supplements I sure could need a sponsor..:)

That is it for today! Make your self a sandbag.. Sandbag training rocks!

Looking for solutions

Monday I took my son with me to the school I work at so he could play around in the gym while I got my workout done..

Once I had everything lined up and was done with my warm up a group of bandy guys came in for their Monday session..:) Oh, well, I packed up and went to the old strength room.

Most of my routine can be done anywhere since I basically only use a dumbell and a sandbag. Well, it was time to do my chin ups and I could not find a good place to do them.

After a couple of minutes of scanning the room I found a possible solution:

Yesterday I decided to take a rest day. Later today I am going to re-make my home made sandbag since the commercial one gives off to much dust for inside use.