onsdag 3. desember 2008

Gave up on the commercial sandbag..

The commercial sandbag I bought was super solid and had a very good design but I discovered one problem.. The innerbags will give of dust, making it less then ideal for inside use.

My home made sandbag also had a little leakage but I fixed that today with some ducktape:

Todays workout:

Sandbag clean and and press - 33kg, 20-4-3-3reps

Weighted push ups - 9.4kg, 20-4-3-3reps

1legged deadlift - 10kg, 20-4-3-3reps

1arm standing row - 23kg, 20-4-3-3reps

I have upped the weights and gone down on the reps for the activation set. The weights I am using now feels right and I should see some decent gains in the upcoming weeks.

One thing I have been slacking off with is my eating habits. I eat too little and have to up my protein inntake. If there are anyone reading this that sell protein supplements I sure could need a sponsor..:)

That is it for today! Make your self a sandbag.. Sandbag training rocks!

2 kommentarer:

Ronin sa...

Hi great blog very inspiriring I just made my own.
What are the rep scheme you folowing like 20-4-3-3
Is the first 20 max and then 4-3-3 max for what you can make after that.
Kap kun krap

Bjørn Granum sa...


I was doing a priming period with an activation set of 20 reps followed by work sets of 4-3-3 for a total of 10 reps.

Since I got sick two times during this project I never got further then week 4 so I am starting over soon with a similar program for mass-building.