lørdag 28. februar 2009

Another snowboard session!

Had another snowboard session today. The weather was great, not a cloud in the sky, sun and lots of snow.

Got picked up by a friend and headed to the slope. We took one trip down the slope before hitting the backcountry, jumping the old jump and making a new one.

For some reason I could not seem to land a single trick today. Days like this can be quite frustrating considering how great the conditions were.

Anyway, on our way over I let my mate know that I wanted to build a road gap on our way back home.

There is this sweet spot on the way to the slope that is ideal for a road gap. I have thought about realising my vision of a jump there but never taken the step to actually do it. Well, today we did!

A friend videotaped the jumps and another friend edited it. So far he only uploaded my final jump so there will be a longer version.. Here it is:

tirsdag 24. februar 2009

Max number of kipping pullups

Did not feel like doing my normal weigth routine today so I tested my max number of kipping pullups instead.

I really like kipping pullups and will practice them alot during my conditioning period (some months from now).

mandag 23. februar 2009

Snowboard session

Me and a childhood friend built a jump out in the wood to practice some tricks on our snowboards this Sunday.

This is something we used to do all the time when we were younger (10 years ago) but seldomly do now.

Sure, we both have kids, work and have a home to take care of but that has little to do with it.

Somewhere along the way we lost the passion of snowboarding.

10 years ago we were the first to ride the slope when it opened in the morning and the last ones to leave. We built jumps and tried new flips, spins and grabs. We took the lift to the top of the hill then walked 1000m to the very top to jump of a small cliff and ride the powder down to the slope.

We rode our snowboards far, far into the woods to ride ofpist and to hit a huuuge natural jump that we had found earlier while "exploring" the backcountry slopes. Then we had to walk back most of the way. We could do that all day!

The last couple of years we have not done much snowboarding. Even when we had the weekend off and had the opportunity to ride we choose to do something else.

Well, in October last year I got to work as a teacher at my old high school. I work as a physical educational teacher and have the snowboard group so now I get to go snowboarding every Wednesday evening. Needless to say, this has revamped my passion for snowboarding and I am finding my way back in the groove.

Yesterday my friend joined me out in the backcountry again and we had some fun on our boards again. Hopefully I will post more videos of us flying about, trying to stomp tricks like youngsters...:D

Here is the video of yesterdays session:

lørdag 14. februar 2009

Friday workout

Skipped my Thursday workout and did some alternate exercises this Friday. Basically I just did benchpress, weigthed pullups, one arm deadlifts and some exercises with my power wheel for the core.

Fun session with a friend! Check out our Ronnie Coleman impersonations before I start my pullups..:D

onsdag 11. februar 2009

One of my biggest passions!

...is snowboarding!

I have been doing it since I was about 14years old. My first experience with a snowboard was with a slalom-board (not sure if that is the correct word in english?) and I have never felt so akward on the snow before!

My very first snowboard was a Burton twin 47. I remember the sport shop had it hanging from the roof.. It was their top board. Man, I loved that board!

Anyway, it has been quite some years since I snowboarded on a regular basis and I am finding my way back.

This evening I practiced my backflip. Did 5 of them. Stomped the 3 first, fell on the fourth (over rotated a bit) and got a poor landing on the fifth.

This is the last one:

Will try to film more trics next time and get some decent landings..:)

tirsdag 10. februar 2009

Another good session!

Today I had a good session in the weight room. The deadlift went great and the narrowgrip bench press was EASY (last week it was heavy with less weight)!

Tried to add weight to the core exercise but I was sapped after the first set so I dropped it.

Up to 145kg in the deadlift now! Closing in on reps with double my bodyweight now. Maybe I will break my old 1RM personal record of 190kg by the end of this period..