onsdag 11. februar 2009

One of my biggest passions!

...is snowboarding!

I have been doing it since I was about 14years old. My first experience with a snowboard was with a slalom-board (not sure if that is the correct word in english?) and I have never felt so akward on the snow before!

My very first snowboard was a Burton twin 47. I remember the sport shop had it hanging from the roof.. It was their top board. Man, I loved that board!

Anyway, it has been quite some years since I snowboarded on a regular basis and I am finding my way back.

This evening I practiced my backflip. Did 5 of them. Stomped the 3 first, fell on the fourth (over rotated a bit) and got a poor landing on the fifth.

This is the last one:

Will try to film more trics next time and get some decent landings..:)

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