mandag 23. februar 2009

Snowboard session

Me and a childhood friend built a jump out in the wood to practice some tricks on our snowboards this Sunday.

This is something we used to do all the time when we were younger (10 years ago) but seldomly do now.

Sure, we both have kids, work and have a home to take care of but that has little to do with it.

Somewhere along the way we lost the passion of snowboarding.

10 years ago we were the first to ride the slope when it opened in the morning and the last ones to leave. We built jumps and tried new flips, spins and grabs. We took the lift to the top of the hill then walked 1000m to the very top to jump of a small cliff and ride the powder down to the slope.

We rode our snowboards far, far into the woods to ride ofpist and to hit a huuuge natural jump that we had found earlier while "exploring" the backcountry slopes. Then we had to walk back most of the way. We could do that all day!

The last couple of years we have not done much snowboarding. Even when we had the weekend off and had the opportunity to ride we choose to do something else.

Well, in October last year I got to work as a teacher at my old high school. I work as a physical educational teacher and have the snowboard group so now I get to go snowboarding every Wednesday evening. Needless to say, this has revamped my passion for snowboarding and I am finding my way back in the groove.

Yesterday my friend joined me out in the backcountry again and we had some fun on our boards again. Hopefully I will post more videos of us flying about, trying to stomp tricks like youngsters...:D

Here is the video of yesterdays session:

2 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

Nice jumping. It looks cold there ;)

Bjørn Granum sa...

Thanks! Probably around -5C.