tirsdag 13. januar 2009

Day 2: Lower body

First; Couple of pictures so I have something to compare with after this period. Will also do fat-caliper measurements and tape-measure my chest, shoulders, waistline and thigh.

Today my students got to practice swimming crawl so I got two sprints in; 50 meter crawl and 50 meter breast. Man, swimming is hard! I will probably use the pool for many of my Wednesday sessions (my cardio day).

The workout plan I have now is a upper-/lower body split based on the same principals as my last program (one activation set followed by 10-15reps spread out over 4+ sets with short rest periods between sets. Got the idea from Borge Fagerli over at http://www.myorevolution.com/ , great guy, great site, excellent articles! They are in Norwegian but I am sure he will translate them eventually.).

Yesterday was a upperbody day, today my lower body got to work. There are also some extra exercises for my arms on the lower body days.

Session 2:

2 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

Hi, on the split squat you've got the front leg on a plate, why?

If I may ask;)

Nice lifts.

Bjørn Granum sa...

Hello! I keep my front leg on a plate to get a little more range of motion. The way I have it set up there is about identical to how low I go when I do regular squats - knee paralell to the hip creese.

Thanks for the comment!