torsdag 15. januar 2009

Session 3

Yesterday I planned the day poorly so I had to skip my plans for doing a conditioning routine. Instead I had to work in the evening; teaching my students snowboarding. I do this ever Wednesday evening in the winter. Yeah, I know, my job rocks! :)

Session number 3 is the same as session number 1 so today I upped the weights a little:

Shoulder press - 16kg dumbells 10+4+4+2 (easy)

Pullups - 4.5kg dumbell 10+3+3+2+2 (medium-easy)

Bench press - 65kg 12+4+4+4+3 (medium-easy)

Dumbell rowing - 17kg 12+4+4+2 (easy)

I could have used more weight for both the shoulder press and the dumbell rowing. Will fix that on Monday.

I have not done biceps curls for ages so I am actually still sore from my session with the 13kg dumbells!

Tomorrow is session 4, leg day number two. Can`t wait to squat again! Been ages since I did back squats.

See you tomorrow!

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