torsdag 22. januar 2009

Still going strong!

I have been following my plan, upping the weights almost every training session actually.


Bench 70kg, 12+4+4+3+2+2 (heavy)

Pullups 7.5kg, 10+4+3+3 (heavy)

Standing shoulder press 18kg dumbells, 12+4+3+3 (easy)

Chest supported dumbell rows 18kg dumbells, 12+4+3+3 (easy)

Maybe I should have done the same weights that I did on Tuesday since the bench and the pullups were quite heavy today. I will know by the weekend.

I have not been able to sleep much this week, (because of work and bad time management), so I am not recovering as much as I should. More sleep, more food and better planning will be my fix!

Yeah, just a short little update. Will get a video up by next week sometime.

2 kommentarer:

Lassebass sa...

utrolig bra form på deg :) en blogg jeg kommer til å følge! stå på:)

Bjørn Granum sa...

Tyty! Skal skjerpe meg med oppdateringene.. Blitt mye jobbing på meg i det siste.