fredag 31. oktober 2008

Thursday and Friday workout today

Felt tired yesterday and got invited to a buddy to watch a movie so I figured I would do my Thursday routine today in the morning and my strength session in the evening.

Both workouts went smooth and kicked my behind! Even managed to get a good time on my Thursday workout! Felt great!

I am going to a halloween party now so I leave you (if there are any reading this blog..If anyone reads this and knows where one can check the stats of ones blog, like how many times each post has been read etc.. Please, answer back! I suck at this stuff..:) ) with the video of both my workouts today:

2 kommentarer:

fitness fanatic sa...

Hello, this is a nice blog and a good read! Good luck on your training program.

Bjørn Granum sa...

Thanks a buch, fitness fanatic!