lørdag 1. november 2008

Why I love to run

The halloween party was a success. My lovely wife borrowed some face-paint from her job and turned me into a monster.

Made me look the way I feel after a burpee-session..:)

This weekend we are staying at the inlaws in our home town.

I went for a jog this evening and got reminded again why I love to run..

The fresh air, feeling your body slowly warming up, the constantly changing scenery, letting my mind wander.. I love running!

Going for a slow jog, clearing the mind, active meditation if you like..

Going semi fast, staying at the brink of your threshold, constantly eliminating lactate, batteling those dark, negative thoughts that emerge once the going gets tough..

Going all out, steeming like a raging bull, trying to break the sound barrier..

I love it!

Finished my jog (about 5km) with some stretching, 20sec holds x 3 for each stretch.

1 kommentar:

Morten sa...

Poetic! For me it's usually more an ode to how much my shins hurt. :\