søndag 30. november 2008

Recovery session

Yesterday I did a recovery session where I warmed up, did some dynamic stretching, some mobility exercises and relaxed stretching.

A good way to maintain/increase mobility is to incorporate these type of exercises in your warm up. My warm ups usually have three fases:

  1. General warm up - usually 5-10min worth of jogging, skipping rope etc. just to get the blood flowing
  2. Mobility/dynamic stretching - from head to toe to lube the joints and stretch the muscles
  3. Spesific warm up - depending on what type of training I have planned it can be anything from doing 5-10 reps, 2-3 sets with lighter weights to progressive sprints to further prepare the target muscles for the main activity

One of my main goals with training is to avoid getting injured. This is something I have managed to do largely because of varied training, being strict with the warm up, maintaining a OK level of flexibility/mobility and getting enough recovery.

Focus more on your warm up, include some mobility exercises and some dynamic stretching and do one recovery session per week where you only warm up and stretch for an entire session.

Here is yesterdays session:

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