lørdag 29. november 2008

Summary of this week

Been lazy with updating this week so here goes..
Wednesday routine went as planned, upped the weight from:
30kg to 31.5kg for the sandbag C&P
0kg to 6kg for the one legged dead lift
5kg to 6kg for the weighted push ups
20kg to 21kg for the standing one arm row

My Thursday workout went smooth and I had another workout in the evening, doing some gi-grappling.
Endurance session:

Extracts from the grappling session:

Friday became a rest day so I did my Friday session today:
Split squat - 6kg, 25-4-3-3
OA floor press - 19kg, 25-4-3-3 (did 25-4-4-4 with my right arm, trying to catch up to my left side)
Chin ups - BW, 17-3-3-2-2 (I should have split the final two reps and done two singles...barely got my chin over the bar on the last rep..)
Push ups - BW, 25-4-4-4

Took a picture after in an attempt to show the pump I get from this high volume protocol:

Tomorrow I am going to do some light cardio followed by a mobility/stretching session.

Have a nice weekend!

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