onsdag 5. november 2008

Wednesday workout week 2

Taking a rest day was a smart thing. I feel like
the cold is about to tap out so I am upping my
sambucol-zma-seal oil-calorie-attack!

Todays workout was hard and I must have left a gallon of sweat on our porch.. Almost cramped up
on the nordic hamstrings exercise today.

Here is a easy setup for the nordic hamstrings exercise.

Take a beach towel that you are not using anymore, tie a knot in each end, put the knots on the outside of your front door, close the door, get some cushoning for your knees, put on some shoes and hook the beach towel loop behind your heels and let it rip! (Well, not litteraly! Make sure the beach towel is moth-free!).

Get your workouts on people!

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