mandag 3. november 2008

Week 2 (batteling a tiny cold)

Week two has officially started!

As of this weekend I have been feeling like I am about to get a cold.. I hate when that happens.. Just starting to get into the groove with the new program and...booom! A cold or a injury comes along.
I am going to battle it with something called; "sambucol", some ZMA, seal oil and plenty of calories.

Workout went pretty smooth today. I upped the load with 5% and it went like this:

9.5kg for the split squats, up from 8.7kg last week. Stuck with 25+4+3+3 and felt the all too familiar burning sensation in my thighs and glutes..

19kg on the 1arm floor press, up from 18kg last week. That one kilo gram really makes a difference! Really felt it after the first 25 (did 25+4+3+3).
For the chinups I decided to go from 17 on the first set to 18. I did 18+3+2+2+2+1 with less then 10sec break between the sets and it felt great! Taxing but great..:) My arms usually respond very well to chinups so I am confident that my flexed biceps measurement will go way up with this protocol..
For the push ups I decided to add three "effective" reps, meaning: 25+4+3+3+3.
Another good session despite irritated sinuses.
I might take a rest day tomorrow to further battle my oncoming cold..time will tell..
Till tomorrow!

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