tirsdag 18. november 2008


Today I re-started my mass/strength-building program. I have been sick for almost two weeks so I have not done much.
Started with 5kg for the split squats and 18kg for the floor press, did 25-4-3-3 with 3 big breaths between the "sets". Proceeded to do 16-4-3-3 chin ups with 3-5 big breaths between sets and finished off with push ups, 25-4-3-3 with 2-3 big breaths between sets.
I did 500 rope turns as a warm up. Usually I also include some mobility movements and dynamic stretching in my warm up. I will include it in every warm up from now on to maintain mobility, flexibility and further avoid injuries.
Felt good to get started again! I hate to get sick but sh#¤ happens and I usually just rest untill I feel good enough to start back up.
After my RSBT-session this weekend I got reminded the importance of actually training the stuff.. Like I mentioned in my previous post, I did some things that are less then ideal..to put it lightly..:) Because of this I will focus more on this type of training instead of MMA/SW, and see if things change for the better.
Tomorrow is sandbag-day! Then you will see my new sandbag! I finally got a commercial sandbag that I ordered about one month ago and it rocks! Very expencive, but it rocks!

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