tirsdag 25. november 2008

Being Positive

I stop by 3-5 forums about martial arts/self defence/training almost every day and every day I see a thread where people are bashing different "styles" of training, MA or self defence.

The internet surely brings out the worst in people if I were to judge by what some people actually write in these forums..

Why do we get so attatched to "styles" or groups with cool acronyms?

I say "we" because I find my self getting lured in quite often. Usually I snap out of it since I always go through a process where I break the "system" down to its bare essentials to see if it is all it claims to be. Most of the time I find it to be the same stuff in a different package.

It might be because we want somewhere to belong. A place where we feel connected to others, working for the same kind of goals..

It can be a good thing that helps people grow, both on a physical and spiritual level.. but why does it seem like so many turn to abusive keyboard warriors once they sign in on different forums?

What ever the answers are, my point with this rant is that I believe people are destroying their odds for becoming better human beeings with this kind of behaviour when online..

Look for sollutions instead of problems, when you fall, get back up and use it as a learning experience to succeed on your next try!

Instead of pointing out others flaws and weak points, look inward to your own inperfections! Strive to be a better human beeing and inspire others as well! Be good from the bottom of your heart!

End of rant! :)

Over to my workout this evening:

Good session! Long time since I did this one so my time was about 20sec slower then my base-time for this workout.

Since I need to clean up my eating I started today. This was my lunch and my dinner:

That is it for today! Remember: Stay positive, work hard and be good!

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