onsdag 19. november 2008

Wednesday workout and a new first..

I got my new sandbag a couple of weeks ago (right before I got sick) and I absolutely love it! It was expencive but it has solved all problems regarding leakage, making it much more; "wife friendly", in regards to using it inside..:)

Someone asked me if I warmed up before my sessions so I filmed my warm up today. Also, I was reading in a thread over at http://www.rosstraining.com/ (very good site with a supernice forum created by a good man, Ross Enamait) today and a user named "Padawan" was talking about trying one armed divebomber push ups. I figured they would present a formiddable challenge so I tried them out before starting my regular workout. Here is the video:

Feels real good to be at it again!

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