tirsdag 4. november 2008

If loving these are wrong..baby...I don`t want to be right!

Today is a windy and rainy day and I have an off-day, staying home with my son. Both of us have a sweet tooth so I decided to do some baking this morning.

First I made the dough (we had one of those 1-2-3-packs where you only have to add yeast and water), used the rolling pin to flatten it out, added some butter that I smeared out (also had water on the nearest edge to act as glue when it gets rolled up) and finally covered it with cinnamon and sugar...(thaaaat`s right..no low fat, low carb here!:)

Next I rolled it up and cut it into 22 pieces (my son followed the proccess while at the same time keeping tabs with jetix..:), spread them out on two plates, covered them and let them rise for about 40min. Final step was to bake them in the oven at about 180C.

One trick I use to get them nice and fluffy is to add about 25% more yeast then what is reccomended on the package.

Carb heaven here I come!!!

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