mandag 24. november 2008

Afraid of what we do not know?


My big brother and his son visited us this weekend so I skipped my Friday session. We had a blast and I finally got my ass in gear and visited my grandmother. I have been putting it off for a long time.. She is 91 years old now and demented.

Well, it is often true that you are afraid of the things you do not know. I guess that has been the case with me not visiting my grandmother for so long. She was always so healthy and vibrant. When in her 80`s she still walked the hills, gathering berries, walking for hours.

Anyway, it was nice seeing her, she remembered my sons name, we laughed, we smiled, the kids (my son and my brothers son) had a blast and we took pictures.

If I have half of her good genes I will be one fit 90 year old!

From one thing to another.. I took some measurements today, just for fun, and they confirmed my suspicions...I have gone up on my biceps-, thigh-, chest- and sadly my waist-measurements. I have also gone up about 1mm on my stomack caliper measurement and 1-2mm on my scapula. The other caliper measurements are the same.

This corresponds with my training and my diet. I have been paying little attention to what I eat and get far too much sugar, fat and carbohydrates. Will clean that up.

Todays session:

Split squat - 6kg (25-4-3-3)

OA floor press - 19kg (25-4-3-3)

Chin ups - BW (17-3-3-2-2)

Push ups - BW (25-4-4-4)

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