lørdag 15. november 2008

Realistic Scenario Based Training (RSBT)


The cold got the best of me so I decided to rest and let it pass..

Today I went to a friend to do some realistic scenario based training:

Now to my excuses...:) Nah, no excuses.. I just wanted to highlight a couple of things regarding self protection training:

  • One should actually TRAIN to escape a violent encounter
  • If you want to pressure test your self protection skills, do it with a non-compliant attacker that has real intent
  • Put your self in bad situations with a larger, stronger attacker and try to get out in one piece

In the first scene it becomes obvious that I have not trained self protection for a while.. why..? Well, my reaction time is off, I fail to attack my attackers primary targets, instead of getting to my feet asap I actually go for a armbar! (Man, I know my friends will not let me forget that one..:)

Infact, the last 4-5 months I have only trained MMA and submission wrestling (I have not trained much at all but when I have been training it has been these two things), something I feel shines through with this video.

It should be self explanatory why one should practice de-escalating/escaping an violent encounter and if it is not, the video should be explanation enough. I mean, Simon (the attacker in the first 4 scenes) stabbed me in my ribs and face 10-15 times in that first scene.

When I focused on escaping the situation, getting through that exit-door, he did not manage to stab me at all..

Ofcourse, it depends, the situation dictates the response, but still...you MUST PRACTICE ESCAPING!!!

Regarding the second point; pressure testing with a non-compliant attacker that has real intent in hurting you, I think lots of people go far too easy on their training partners.. Sure, it makes no sense to go full tilt on an inexperienced training partner with 2 weeks of training...this is not my point.. My point is; during all out scenarios, if you "help" your trainingpartner and "fall on your ass" a little too easy you are building false confidence in your trainingpartner.

Going all out with protective gear against a crazy guy with a wooden knife is great for pressure testing and to "wake you up", but it is not the end all-be all of self protection training.. Ofcourse one have to do drills, practice without gear etc... This is just another training method...a method I personally think far too few self protection clubs fail to use.

You should put your self in bad situations (in training!) agains a larger, stronger opponent to further pressure test your methods and tactics.. If your methods and tactics hold up against this kind of nightmare...two thumbs up! If not, back to the drawing board!

That is it for now! I will re-start my strength training on Monday!

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